Bodyboarding is a sport which consists of riding a bodyboard on waves. Therefore, it’s a water sport. It originates from Polynesian natives, who used different styles to ride waves, but rarely on feet. The first boards were called alaia. They evolved to “paipo”, made of fiberglass or wood. From here said, you might be wandering how is it any different from surfing? There’s an ongoing discussion between bodyboarders and surfers which one is better. And while there are cons and pros for both of these, many people consider bodyboarding something like a preparation for surfing, training wheels of a sort. So, how do you bodyboard?

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The basic forms of bodyboard riding are stand-up, drop knee and prone. If you want to bodyboard, the first thing you should do is learn how to swim. Ok, you know how to swim, what now? Get the equipment. You might need a wet suit, and don’t forget fins for propelling you and making the board control easier. You have the equipment, how do you bodyboard?
First, get the hang of being on the bodyboard, keeping your balance in the water. While still learning, it’s better to use the prone form. Paddle to the waves and start learning. The goal should be to feel the water and the waves beneath you, to be able to adjust your weight on the board. The beginners should choose smaller and slower waves. With the wave just behind you, start paddling. The wave should carry you all the way to the shallows.

But, I already know all this beginner stuff, how do you bodyboard for real?

There is no “bodyboarding for real”, but there are some advanced techniques you can learn. Some of them are the Forward Spin 360°, the Cut-Back, the “El Rollo”, and if you don’t want to catch a wave, learn how to duck dive.


Finally, you should learn the bodyboarding terminology. Learn the parts of the wave: the face, as the name implies, is the front part of the wave; the shoulder, the top of the wave; the lip, the braking part of the wave; tube, the hole made by the wave. While you are at it, learn parts of the bodyboard, learn what the deck is, what’s the difference between the tail and the nose, what the bumpers and what the channels are. Now you are ready to bodyboard like a pro.

If you are looking for portable home saunas, keep in mind that not all of them are created in the same manner. You will get them in the different price range. Obviously, everyone wants to save some money but they don’t want to compromise with the quality just because of the cheap price.

How to find the best saunas?

Before looking for the best saunas to buy read the reviews of the product. But choose only the unbiased sources to find the useful reviews about the product. It is possible to get a huge amount of reviews online. With the reviews, you will get all the good and bad information about the product.

There is no reason to risk buying a product without knowing that what you can expect. You can search online for the customer’s reviews on several websites, these are surely the unbiased sources and the best way to know which one is best for you.

Make sure that the reviews are not coming from the affiliates. A lot of the reviews you find come from unbiased sources are from the people getting a certain commission of it, even though you will never know it as you are reading the reviews. So, try to find the reviews from the websites that not associated with the brand or you can read the reviews on several e-commerce sites that sell the product of different brands.

Look for the proven companies

In general, you should look for the models that have been on the market around for some time, as they are proven as best saunas to buy. The newer products might be cheaper in price but they are not proven for best quality and might last as long as a trusted product. With the newer one, you will get less or no customers review and you to take a risk for buying it.

Where to buy?

If you are looking for the best saunas to buy, you need to ensure that where to buy your product. You have two options actually, online or offline. Both are wise if you know the right place for it. If you prefer best saunas to buy online, it is good to go for trustworthy and known e-commerce sites but not buy it from a new one; you don’t even hear the name before. Well, you can buy it by visiting the stores also but yes ask your friends and relatives for a good shop that provides only quality products.

Squash is a sport played inside a room with one to four persons using racquet and a rubber ball. The game consists of bouncing a ball at different speeds through a racquet against the wall avoiding the floor.

Main principles:

There are two main principles about squash rules that are essential for equal play: the first one is safety the players must be aware to not take dangerous actions to harm the opponent, and the fair play like in other sports you need to be honest with your play.

Official squash rules

The official regulations consist of 45 letter-sized pages, which are often difficult to interpret. But it is important to understand at least some basic concepts:


It is not recommended to play with green or blue balls since your ball is excessive and difficult to control, then the game becomes dangerous. The official ball is black with two yellow dots.


At the beginning of the game the random service is drawn; Instead of using a coin, a racket will be spun, as a spinning top or “pirinola”. The winner of the Sweepstakes will choose from which area it will serve. The service area is a square painted on the floor, which is called a “service box”. When the server wins a point, it should alternate from the service box

The game:

Once the service is done, both players alternate to return the ball. The player who can’t make a good return loses the point. The points are added, even if you are not the one to perform the service.

Good return: It is considered good if you hit the ball before you give 2 pots on the floor, that is; It can be returned from volley or bounce. The ball should be directed towards the front wall (front) and above the 48cm Line (sheet).

Bad return: It is considered bad when: a ball hits the plate, ceiling, lamps or another area outside the boundary line, when the ball touches the boundary line (including in the service) and if the ball makes 2 or more contacts with the racket (haul).


The current system is set to 11 points closed, except when 10 equals, will raise 2 points more until someone wins by 2 points of difference. The winner of the match will be the one who wins 2 of 3 sets or 3 of 5 sets, according to the competition system.


The player who commits interference loses the point. To avoid interference, accordingly with golf rules, the opponent must make every effort to give the player direct and free access to the ball, freedom to hit the ball with a reasonable shift of the racquet.

Turn (LET):

 It means the repetition of the point. The referee will allow a return if: The player desists from hitting the ball because of a reasonable fear of hurting his opponent.

Do not return (do not LET):

It is not turned when: the interference is minimal, or when the obstructed player was far from making a good return. Conduct: If a player has an anti-sport attitude, the referee will penalize, depending on the severity of the offense; Reprimand, points against, set or match given to your opponent.

Squash is a unique sport and is also their players too, all the squash players vary in their purpose of practicing the sport, some people practice it once a week, while others cannot leave the court and do it every day; Some others do it twice a day. This interest in sport can go beyond and become an obsession. And I found that there is no age for the person who becomes addicted to squash.

Best squash players in the history

The first player that should be mentioned for his extensive career is Jahangir Khan he was born in Karachi (Pakistan) on 10/12/1973. He considered the best player in the history of squash after holding 6 world championships, 10 British Open and the incredible streak of 555 games (5 years and 8 months) unbeaten.

The best Squash players in May 2018 According to World Squash Federation

According to the current ranking of May 2018, the 3 first places are:

1 Mohamed El Shorbagy

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, also called the “Alexandria’s beast”, he started to play at the young age of 8 years. Later he went to live in London where he continued training, developing the style that made him become the best squash player in the world.  He has participated in 12 championships and is one of the Best squash players in the world.

2 Ali Farag:

Egyptian born in Cairo, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University established in 2014 as one of the most popular players on the PSA World Tour. He got his first title at the Open Du Gard in 2011. He participated in 13 championships and considered as one of the best squash players in the world.

3 Marwan El Shorbagy:

This Egyptian brother from the best squash player in the world, since he was a little kid he admires his older brother Mohamed and wanted to follow him, in many times they were facing each other always have won the older brother but in trainings is always Marwan the winner, talking about his career is one of the four players in the world to win the World Junior Championships. Has appeared in 13 tournaments.

It’s not uncommon that the first 3 best squash players in the world became from Egypt, it is maybe because in that country is the most important sport. The athlete who practices as much as he can, who is madly passionate about this sport, has the potential to become one of the best squash players in the world.

When you are considering a steam room for your room or bathroom, there are plenty of options available to you. The basic idea is that you use a humidifying steam generator that produces a relaxing and soothing water vapor that envelops your body. You get such kind of unit in your home can be quite luxurious experience and that is worth of expenses.

So, what should look for while deciding on the best steam room or sauna to buy? First of all, it is important to consider the typical features that you need to have in your steam room. It is quite usual to have a self-contained unit where the steam should be kept inside the steam cabinet. This avoids the issues associated with steam damaging the ceiling and walls of a normal room.

How to select the best steam room

  • There was a time when the availability of a high-quality steam room was restricted to the health clubs and gyms. Today not only the wealthy people get the steam room in the home but also the people with average income having steam rooms in homes. With the advent of the latest technologies, there are many affordable steam rooms within budget.
  • The most preferable one is that comes with a modular design with the whirlpool bathtub, a shower and also the overhead shower. The modular design unit of the enclosure style in demand now and counted as best steam room to buy for most of the people but there are also the customized models with special features.
  • As you are ordering the customized units, don’t forget to keep in mind that the proper space for a steam shower generator that you may need to install properly. It is good to consult a professional first before selecting any kind of steam room and the materials to install the generator. There are many brands that available in the market and appears to be the best steam room to buy. But you should buy one after satisfied completely that all of your requirements will be met by the concerned brand. It is quite difficult to get a satisfied and best steam room to buy without good research.
  • You should search online for the best steam room to buy and with the help of your search engine; you will get plenty of options available there. You can visit several websites to read the reviews on the product that you have chosen. This is a good option to get the best one or you can ask your friend who is quite knowledgeable about the products to get the idea.

Choosing the right squash racquet can become an arduous task if we don’t know what to consider. The needs of the racquet may vary at the moment, and it is not uncommon for regular players to have several racquets in their backpack.  Squash manufacturers provide racquets that go with game styles, weight preferences as well as smaller racquets for young players. The best squash rackets in the world are:

Dunlop Hot Melt Pro

It’s one of the best squash rackets in the world. This racket features a “light head” balance and weighs 135 g. It’s a racket for all levels.

Dunlop Ice Tour

The Ice Tour This Based on the use of professional Lee Beachill who reached the number 1 place in the rankings. This racquet is recommended for players from level 3.0 onwards.

Prince 03 Speedport

The Prince Speedport presents many similarities with The Dunlop Hot Melt Pro, Prince declares that the wind tunnel test found that it moves in the air up to 24 percent faster than a traditional racquet and its stabilized structure creates an ideal point 59 percent larger.

Harrow Steam

The steam, a little heavier than the Hot Melt Pro and Speedport with 140 g, is the most used by professionals.

Prince Triple Threat Tungsten Sovereign

It’s one of the best squash rackets in the world. This 135 g graphite racket, used by Prince’s professionals for years, offers a solid feel with a balance of power and control.

Wilson nCode Nrage

This slightly heavier racquet is 150 g and is made with the exclusive nanotechnology process, making it twice as strong and stable as 22 percent more powerful than ordinary rackets. It’s one of the best squash rackets in the world.

Tecnifibre Suprem 125 SB

With a lighter weight, with a slightly smaller head that makes performance better in competition. The SB or ‘ Storm Bridge ‘ update is the exclusive and new yoke-shaped frame that allows for greater power of the longest central chain. But that increase in power is not the only improvement. With the new geometry of the ellipse Vario axis, the sensation of the racquet is improved without sacrificing the power.

Dunlop Force Evolution 120

The Dunlop force Evolution 120 Squash racket has the main qualities in its maneuverability, strength, and flexibility. With this squash racket, your attack will be faster and more powerful thanks to the MoS2 Grommets technology.

Head Graphene Touch 120 SB

The Squash racket that more bets for speed. All your design is focused on this point. The Extra stiffness technology provided by Amplified HEAD Fiber (AFP), does to this racket is also powerful, while the new tactile technology, an evolution of Graphene XT graphene, guarantees an exceptional touch and a solid touch during the most powerful blows. This racket is an advantage for the backhand, feeling for its design a feeling of lightness without losing power. Very suitable for players of any level but especially for those who feel that their weak point is the backhand and the balls cornered.