Best squash players in the world

Squash is a unique sport and is also their players too, all the squash players vary in their purpose of practicing the sport, some people practice it once a week, while others cannot leave the court and do it every day; Some others do it twice a day. This interest in sport can go beyond and become an obsession. And I found that there is no age for the person who becomes addicted to squash.

Best squash players in the history

The first player that should be mentioned for his extensive career is Jahangir Khan he was born in Karachi (Pakistan) on 10/12/1973. He considered the best player in the history of squash after holding 6 world championships, 10 British Open and the incredible streak of 555 games (5 years and 8 months) unbeaten.

The best Squash players in May 2018 According to World Squash Federation

According to the current ranking of May 2018, the 3 first places are:

1 Mohamed El Shorbagy

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, also called the “Alexandria’s beast”, he started to play at the young age of 8 years. Later he went to live in London where he continued training, developing the style that made him become the best squash player in the world.  He has participated in 12 championships and is one of the Best squash players in the world.

2 Ali Farag:

Egyptian born in Cairo, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University established in 2014 as one of the most popular players on the PSA World Tour. He got his first title at the Open Du Gard in 2011. He participated in 13 championships and considered as one of the best squash players in the world.

3 Marwan El Shorbagy:

This Egyptian brother from the best squash player in the world, since he was a little kid he admires his older brother Mohamed and wanted to follow him, in many times they were facing each other always have won the older brother but in trainings is always Marwan the winner, talking about his career is one of the four players in the world to win the World Junior Championships. Has appeared in 13 tournaments.

It’s not uncommon that the first 3 best squash players in the world became from Egypt, it is maybe because in that country is the most important sport. The athlete who practices as much as he can, who is madly passionate about this sport, has the potential to become one of the best squash players in the world.

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