Best squash rackets in the world

Choosing the right squash racquet can become an arduous task if we don’t know what to consider. The needs of the racquet may vary at the moment, and it is not uncommon for regular players to have several racquets in their backpack.  Squash manufacturers provide racquets that go with game styles, weight preferences as well as smaller racquets for young players. The best squash rackets in the world are:

Dunlop Hot Melt Pro

It’s one of the best squash rackets in the world. This racket features a “light head” balance and weighs 135 g. It’s a racket for all levels.

Dunlop Ice Tour

The Ice Tour This Based on the use of professional Lee Beachill who reached the number 1 place in the rankings. This racquet is recommended for players from level 3.0 onwards.

Prince 03 Speedport

The Prince Speedport presents many similarities with The Dunlop Hot Melt Pro, Prince declares that the wind tunnel test found that it moves in the air up to 24 percent faster than a traditional racquet and its stabilized structure creates an ideal point 59 percent larger.

Harrow Steam

The steam, a little heavier than the Hot Melt Pro and Speedport with 140 g, is the most used by professionals.

Prince Triple Threat Tungsten Sovereign

It’s one of the best squash rackets in the world. This 135 g graphite racket, used by Prince’s professionals for years, offers a solid feel with a balance of power and control.

Wilson nCode Nrage

This slightly heavier racquet is 150 g and is made with the exclusive nanotechnology process, making it twice as strong and stable as 22 percent more powerful than ordinary rackets. It’s one of the best squash rackets in the world.

Tecnifibre Suprem 125 SB

With a lighter weight, with a slightly smaller head that makes performance better in competition. The SB or ‘ Storm Bridge ‘ update is the exclusive and new yoke-shaped frame that allows for greater power of the longest central chain. But that increase in power is not the only improvement. With the new geometry of the ellipse Vario axis, the sensation of the racquet is improved without sacrificing the power.

Dunlop Force Evolution 120

The Dunlop force Evolution 120 Squash racket has the main qualities in its maneuverability, strength, and flexibility. With this squash racket, your attack will be faster and more powerful thanks to the MoS2 Grommets technology.

Head Graphene Touch 120 SB

The Squash racket that more bets for speed. All your design is focused on this point. The Extra stiffness technology provided by Amplified HEAD Fiber (AFP), does to this racket is also powerful, while the new tactile technology, an evolution of Graphene XT graphene, guarantees an exceptional touch and a solid touch during the most powerful blows. This racket is an advantage for the backhand, feeling for its design a feeling of lightness without losing power. Very suitable for players of any level but especially for those who feel that their weak point is the backhand and the balls cornered.

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